Explore the Benefits of Galvanizing

Competitive first cost
For many applications first cost is lower than alternative coatings.

Long life
Often exceeding 50 years.

Lowest lifetime cost
Low initial cost and long life make galvanizing the most versatile, economic method of protecting steel.

Specified to AS/NZS 4680:2006 and equivalent World Standards.

Speed of application
A fully protective coating can be applied in minutes.

Complete coverage
All exposed steelwork is completely coated both internally and externally.

Ease of inspection
The nature of the process is such that if the coating looks continuous and sound it is so.

Coating toughness
Alloy layers are harder than the steel on which the coating is formed.

Metallurgically bonded to steel.

Coating thickness
Galvanized coatings are distinctly thicker at corners and edges, an important advantage over most organic coatings which thin out in these critical areas.

Cathodic protection
Electrochemical protection of damaged areas.

Environmentally clean
Non toxic. No volatiles. No ultimate cost to the environment.

Faster construction
An off-site finish, geared to fast-track construction. Requires no site repairs short of weld damage.

Top coats
Top coats can provide – colour – chemical resistance – synergistically-extended life.